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SCANTRONS! Intro to Mass Media - 9/25/06 Popular Radio - Chapter 4: An Invisible Empire of the Air I. Radio's Forerunners A. Telegraph (1840s) and Telephone (1870s) B. Guglielmo Marconi 1. Invented wireless telegraphy (1894) - used code, not voice 2. Established British Marconi (1897) and American Marconi (1899) II. Early Radio Pioneers A. Lee De Forest -- technological innovator 1. Wrote the first doctoral dissertation on wireless technology 2. Competed with the Marconi corporation in the field of wireless 3. Interested in wireless voice and music transmissions known as wireless radio telephony (later called --- radio) 4. As he got older, De Forest became increasingly dissatisfied with the high content of radio broadcast. A fan of high culture (especially opera), he was concerned that radio, when it came to transmitting cultural events, had not lived up to [. ..] III. Radio's Beginnings A. Crystal sets (DIY radios). Hobbyists become the first audience for broadcast sound B. Developed their own technology C. Eavesdropping on sensitive government information and private sector messages IV. The Government Steps In. .. A. Concerned about national security B. Wanted control of the airwaves C. Component manufacturers wanted order D. Frequency control through licensing E. Power fest in Dept of Commerce V. Regulating a New Medium A. 1910 -- Wireless Ship Act: required all U.S. seagoing ships carrying more than 50 passengers and traveling more than 200 miles off the coast be equipped with wireless equipment with a range of at least 100 miles 1. Helped save 700 survivors of the Titanic sinking in 1912 B. Radio Act of 1912: required all wireless stations to obtain a license from the Commerce Department. This addressed the problem of amateur radio operators cramming the airwaves. VI. A Compromise. .. A. To satisfy public opponents who felt as though the U.S. government would control a radio monopoly, General Electric. .. 1. Founded RCA (Radio Corporation of America) a private sector monopoly that
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MassMediaChap4 - SCANTRONS! Intro to Mass Media - 9/25/06...

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