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Chapter 5 -- Television and the Power of Visual Culture I. Challenges and Trends A. Literature threatened by film B. Recording threatened by radio C. Film and radio threatened by TV D. TV threatened by. ..TV 1. 500 channels and nothing on? 2. Internet? E. "Golden Age" TV takes from radio II. Television: Good and Bad A. Good 1. Diverts 2. Entertains 3. Informs a. 60's Civil Rights b. Timed of crisis c. McCarthy hearings B. Bad 1. Violence 2. Sexuality 3. Impact on kids 4. Impact on disturbed 5. unimaginative III. Creating Television A. Paul Nipkow (German inventor) 1. 1880's invents the Scanning Disk, broke picutres into light units that could be "sent" and decoded by a receiver B. Vladimir Zworykin (Russian) 1. 1919 -- invents "iconoscope" a TV camera tube that converts light rays into electrical signals C. John Logie Baird (Scottish) 1. 1926 -- the first to demostrate a television system before a gatherinf od 50 scientists in his attic workshop 2. 1927 -- his television was demosntrated broadcasting over 400-plus miled of telephone cable from London to Glasgow 3. 928 - His company Baird Television Development Company achieves the first transatlantic broadcast signal from London to New York D. Philo T. Farnsworth (America) 1. 1923 -- At the age of 16, Farnsworth patents the electronica image dissector tube for long distance transmission (better than mechanical scanning systems) 2. 1927 -- Farnsworth transmist the first U.S. TV picture electronically (a dollar bill sign) 3. 1930 -- Patents the first electronic television a. RCA launches nasty patent suit. Farnsworth wins and RCA has to negotiate with him to use his 73 patents 4. 1935 -- 1st public demonstration of TV in Philadelphia IV. A Mass Medium A. 1939 - RCA introduces its first full electronic television at the New York World's Fair. Cost: $660, more than half of what it cost to buy a car
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MassMediaChap5 - Intro to Mass Media Chapter 5 Television...

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