MassMediaChap6 - Decline of the Network Era 1976 -- Ted...

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Unformatted text preview: Decline of the Network Era 1976 -- Ted Turner debuts WTBS based in Atlanta the station was not affiliated with any network uplinked to a satellite where cable systems could downlink it 1975-76 Consumer marketing of Video Cassette Recorders viewers could now control when they watched programs movies now available for rental 1997 -- 90% of American homes had VCRs for movie rental and time shifting Time shifting: watching shows later, fast-forwarding through ads Restricting Network Control 1970: FCC creates Financial Interest and Syndication Rules (Fin-syn): Networks could no longer demand 50% (or more) of the profits earned by evergreens aired as reruns in local markets Rise of infotainment (i.e., newsish, celebrity-oriented) instead of local news Tivo, DVR, etc. Competition from the Web? In the End... "When television aims for the great American middle, it can often mute points of view that are on the edges. As cultural activists and TV critics we need to support the idea that many voices and views should have a place in the media market and on the screen." - Richard Campbell Profit is in: Standardization, Monopolization, Globalization Rupert Murdock: Time Warner, Viacom, News Corporation Chapter 6 - Cable and the Specialization of Television I. Cable Breaks In A. Calbe frustrated by broadcast B. HBO and WTBS help break in C. Rapid growth from the '70s 1. 1977 - 14% penetration 2. 1985 - 46% 3. 2002 - 69% D. Cable serves rural E. Cable serves niche II. What's at stake?...
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MassMediaChap6 - Decline of the Network Era 1976 -- Ted...

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