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Study Guide for GCOM 123 Final Exam (provided by Erin Rosser) 1. Explain the differences between the three models of communication: linear, interactional/ interactive, and transactionai. Linear- communication as an action - uni-directional (one way), discrete -involves a sender who sends a message through a channel to a receiver in an atmosphere of noise, interactive- communication as an interaction -feedback (any discernable response) -the addition of feedback clearly indicated that communication is not a one-way but a two-way process. -the more experiences we have in common, the more likely misunderstandings can be avoided. Transactional- communication as simultaneous (same time) -each of us is a sender and receiver, not just sender OR receiver -content dimension: what is actually said and done -relationship dimension: how the message defines/ redefines the association between individuals 2. Define the basic communication elements contained in the communication models.
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