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final2 - 10 What are some of the influences on...

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-small group: up to 25; no optimal number; smallest is 3 fpublic: 7. Define perception. -the process of selecting, organizing and interpreting data from our senses 8. What is a perceptual schema/ set? -schemas are mental frameworks that create meaningful patterns from stimuli -perceptual set: mental predisposition in a fixed -prototype: most representative or "best" example of something - -stereotype: generalization about a group or category of people -script: predictable sequence of events that indicates what we are expected to do in a given situation 9. How is self-concept developed? -self-concept: sum total of everything that encompasses the self-referential term "me": a product of interpersonal communication -reflected appraisal: self-concept is a construct of social interaction; my self-concept is a reflection of others. -significant others: feedback from them strongly influences our self-esteem -society: comparing ourselves to others influences our self-esteem
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Unformatted text preview: . 10. What are some of the influences on perception?-body image is largely influenced by society's conception of an ideal body-anorexia and "thin is in" are largely influenced by society and is a problem with mostly girls 11. What is self-disclosure?-process of purposely revealing to others information about ourselves that they otherwise wouldn't know 12. Define the concepts of depth and breadth in terms of self-disclosure.-breadth: refers to the range of subjects discussed-depth: refers to how personal you become when discussing a particular subject 13. Explain Johari's Window in terms of self-disclosure. Known to others I i open I blind Known to self 1 unknown to others hidden I unknown I Unknown to others 14. What are the guidelines for offering and receiving self-disclosure?-you must trust the other person to honor your feelings and to refrain from divulging the disclosure to anyone else....
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