oseh120 - OSEH 120 Fundamentals of Occupational Safety,...

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OSEH 120 Fundamentals of Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Issues Spring 2008 CATALOG DESCRIPTION An introduction to safety, health, and environmental issues that impact people and work places. Includes the historical development of safety, the impact of accidents on society, a legislative overview, and basic principles of personal risk assessment and management. OBJECTIVES Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to: 1. Describe the historical perspective of the health, safety and environmental movements in industry and society. 2. Describe the social and financial impacts of work-related accidents, illnesses, and incidents. 3. Identify federal and state legislation affecting safety, health and the environment. 4. Explain the effects of safety, health, and environmental legislation on industry and society. 5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the various categories of exposure found in the work environment. 6. Identify general principles for the recognition, evaluation and control of work-related health hazards. 7. Identify the effects of hazardous materials and toxic wastes on people and the environment. 8. Identify the roles of various employees and managers in the control of workplace accidents, illnesses, and incidents. 9. Evaluate and control personal risk. COURSE OUTLINE
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oseh120 - OSEH 120 Fundamentals of Occupational Safety,...

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