notes jan 23 - REASON AND ETHICS -socrates, plato...

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Unformatted text preview: REASON AND ETHICS -socrates, plato -artistotle gestures...fairly abstract; there is value to be found here in this world ARISTOTLE -acorn -> oak tree -goal drives process before; end justifys means -ends, goals : Teleology -death is end of human life -human being conciously strives towards end goals -Nicomachean ethics -holds that ppl can attain virtue and happiness, however, only in the context of a good state governed in the proper way -happiness is an end for all we do -virtue as a mean...make it a habit IN HUMANITY AND NATURE -human beings are rational and social animals -makes sense to focus on ends -desirable end for its own sake -intrinsic, as opposed to instrumental value -happiness -"Eudamania" A Vacuous Platitude? What is the goal of human life? -nature does nothing in vain -> purposes to everything ACTIVITY, REASON -reason -habitutaion -become virtuous by acquiring virtuous habits -virtue as the Mean Deficiency Excess ---------------------------------------|------------------------------------------cowardice bravery -foolhardiness -boorishness healthy -guttony -stinginess temperacnce -extravagence VIRTUE BY AVERAGING? "it is possible to fail in many ways....when to succeed is possible in only one way." ACAINAS AND REASON (12th century) -re-introduce Aristotle -Why question the truth? -religious -> faith -Natural Law is the greatest -human beings are created by God.. -creation as a whole is operating towards some good -will of God -Natural Law is higher than human law; discoverable by human reason -law obligates/binds you DAVID HUME'S CONTRARIAN VIEW -skeptical of all previous premises -questions impoortance of reason -"reason is, and ought to be, the slave of passios." -what we want influences what we do -desire drives what we do KANT SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR -existentialism -abstract; nothing in life is definite ...
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notes jan 23 - REASON AND ETHICS -socrates, plato...

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