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-ability to feel- applies to all <- utilitarianism -Singer: all pain/suffering should count; equality doesn't mean equal treatment REGAN'S OBEJCTIVES -rights based on rationality -rights based on contract -insufficient to ground universal rights for human beings -rights are based on contracts to each other KANTIANISM -no human beings should enslave themselves UTILITY AND RIGHTS -Manifest tensions -individuals have a "lack of value" KANTIAN ALTERNATIVE -"we are something more than, something different from mere receptacles." -"all who have inherent value have it equally." -all or nothiing, to rule out racism, sexism, etc. EXTENDED BEYOND THE SPECIES -"experiencing subject of a life" -conciousness -interests -preferences -beliefs -feelings
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Unformatted text preview: -recollections and expectations-all shared by animals COHEN'S KANTIANISM-more traditionally in spirit of Kant's writing-obligations can be independent of rights RATIONAL AUTONOMY-&quot;actors subject to moral judgement must be capable of grasping the generality of an ethical premise. ..&quot;-Justified Speciesism SINGER (utilitarian) AND COHEN-potentially not at odds-Singer thinks that arbitrary speciesism is not justified-Cohen attempts to justify speciesism non-arbitrarily-both advocate making &quot;morally relavant distinctions amont species&quot; FALLACY OF THE STRAW MAN-&quot;At great human cost, the lives of fish and crustaceans must also be protected, with equal vigor, if speciesism has been foresworn.&quot; (Cohen)...
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