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1 1 I. Evolution as a Theory II. Molecular Evolution 14 February 2008 ECOL 182R UofA Pepper, Bonine, Chesson 2 Kevin Bonine, Ph.D. Tucson ~native University of Arizona (undergrad) - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology - Economics University of Wisconsin, Madison (graduate) Zoology, Evolutionary Physiology Reptiles & Amphibians Teaching at UA since 2002 Herpetology Vertebrate Physiology Conservation Biology Environmental Biology Introductory Biology With you for next nine lectures. kebonine”at”u.arizona.edu 520 626 0092 MW 1110-noon in BSE 1D 3 Etiquette etc. Please… -sit close to the front so class can be more interactive. -don’t text message, do the crossword, or read the paper in class – there are plenty of much more comfortable places than this room! -don’t talk above an occasional whisper , unless prompted to discuss. -if you come in late or leave early, keep your backpack and paper-rustling to a minimum, and don’t slam the door . -pack up your belongings only when lecture is over . 4 Items in orange will not be available on-line, but they will be presented during lecture. I will strive to post the lecture PDF file on your D2L site before lecture, and have a ten-question quiz ready for you after lecture. This will not always happen as planned! Note that each slide is numbered in the corner and that I will always give you a week to complete a quiz. Posted Lecture Notes 5 I. Evolution as a Theory Thanks to Joanna Masel 6 Outline 1. What is the theory of evolution and alternatives? 2. What is a scientific theory ? 3. What is the evidence for evolution, and has it met the standards of scientific proof?
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2 7 1. What is the theory of evolution? Can be divided into 5 parts (Ernst Mayr) 1. Evolution occurs: species change over time 2. Evolution is gradual, no discontinuity 3. Evolution is responsible for speciation 4. Common descent: phylogeny 5. Natural selection is the mechanism of evolution Today, “the theory of evolution by natural selection” normally refers to all 5 together It is possible to accept some but not all parts -fact -theory 8 Alternatives to evolution (non-exhaustive) 1. Book of Genesis as the literal truth 2. Acceptance of evolution for small changes,
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182_Bonine_TheoryEvol_14Feb2008-postx6 - Kevin Bonine Ph.D...

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