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182_GasExchange_11March2008_postx6 - Deuterostome Review...

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1 Which two groups comprise the Deuterostomes? Deuterostome Review: Echinodermata, Chordata Do Echinoderm adults have radial, bilateral, or pentameric symmetry? bilateral The larvae? What fluid helps control the tube-feet of sea stars? water In vertebrates, what get replaced by the vertebral column? notochord Put these in the order in which they appeared during the history of life? Cartilaginous fishes, Jawless fishes, Ray-finned fishes. 1 2 3 What group of vertebrates first came ashore? amphibians What was the importance of the amniotic egg? Eggs don’t need to be laid in water 1 Birds are related to what extinct group? Dinosaurs Are humans Eutherians, Marsupials, or Monotremes? There are four groups of great apes. How does their total population size compare to that of humans? More humans born each DAY! Physiology Physiology (from Greek: φυσις , physis , “ nature, origin ”; and λόγος , logos , " knowledge ") -study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms. Homeostasis Term coined by Walter Cannon. the coordinated physiological processes which maintain most of the [constant] states in the organism maintain stable conditions in the internal environment A stable internal environment of extracellular fluid makes complex multicellular animals possible. Cells are specialized for maintaining parts of the internal environment. Homeostasis 5 Homeostasis External functions : transport of nutrients and waste; maintenance of ion concentrations. Internal functions : circulation, energy storage, movement, and information processing.
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2 milieu interior internal environment (Hill et al. 2004, p. 12) Randall et al. 2002 Homeostasis Gases Food Salts Water Waste (Temp) Gas Exchange in Animals (text Ch. 48) Hill et al., 2004, Fig. 20.6
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182_GasExchange_11March2008_postx6 - Deuterostome Review...

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