Lecture 3 Plant Structure and function

Lecture 3 Plant Structure and function - Read before...

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1 Read before lecture • Attendance at lectures is not compulsory • The lecture is available as handouts on d2l. Much other information is in the book • If you decide to come to lectures you are committing to the following code of conduct ± No talking or cell phone use during class ± No leaving before the end of the lecture. If you come, you commit to stay the whole time Code of conduct for lectures Important information • Midterm on Tuesday instead of lecture ± It will cover six lectures: March 11 – April 8 (Gas exchange, Osmoregulation/Water Balance, Neurons, Animal behavior, Plant diversity (non seed), Plant diversity (seed)) • Quizzes ± There will be a quiz for each lecture ± Only one quiz will be available next Tuesday because the midterm is on TuesdayYou have one week to complete each quiz • Office hours ± Peter Chesson, BioSciences West 218, M 3:00-4:00, W 4:00- 5:00 The structure of flowering plants: Two dominant clades: Monocots and Eudicots (aka axillary Bud) Epicormic buds Epicormic buds Eucalypt forest trees regenerating after fire from epicormic buds on the trunk and major branches Figure 35.1 Monocots versus Eudicots Key morphological differences Figure 35.2 Vegetative Organs and Systems Taproot system Fibrous root system Shared by some eudicots Some plants have adventitious roots also Focus on Roots
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2 Figure 35.3 Root Systems Roots can also have a storage function Tap root Fibrous roots Focus on stems Buds---apical, axillary, and epicormic Leaves for photosynthesis Flowers for reproduction Figure 35.4 Modified Stems Focus on stems Horizontal stems: stolons on the ground rhizomes underground Tubers-- below ground storage stems Cactus stems: above ground water storage Figure 35.5 The Diversity of Leaf Forms Focus on leaves Main site of photosynthesis
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Lecture 3 Plant Structure and function - Read before...

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