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INTRO TO COMPUTERS NOTES FEB 14 2008 Read and Data Statements: Read- Works like input statement Obtains value from data Contains one or more variables (age, fruit$, stu_num) Data- Contains of one or more values (52, apple, 123456) READ STATEMENTS DATA STATEMENTS READ A DATA 23 READ Name$ DATA 23, 67, 43, 23, 11
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Unformatted text preview: READ X, Y, Z DATA "James";"Jake" READ Place$, Count, Zip$ DATA "Steak" 23 READ / DATA Errors: Not enough DATA- Read X Y Z DATA 4, 7 END Wrong type of DATA- READ X; name$ DATA 52, 44 END Too much DATA (but it's alright)- READ color$ DATA "blue";"green"...
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