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REM CS110 Assignment Chapter 2 Problem #5 REM Kacper Strak REM Section 10 Xinyi Cui REM Led Zeppelin Over the Hills and Far Away Mad Lib INPUT PROMPT "Give me the name of a person.": person1$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a noun.":noun1$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a verb.":verb1$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a verb in the past tense.":verbpt1$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a verb in the past tense.":verbpt2$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a verb in the past tense.":verbpt3$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a noun.":noun2$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me an adjective.":adj1$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a verb.":verb2$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a noun in plural form.":nounplur1$ INPUT PROMPT "Give me a noun.":noun3$ PRINT PRINT PRINT MAD LIB OF LED ZEPPELIN'S OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY
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Unformatted text preview: PRINT PERFORMED AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN IN 1973 PRINT PRINT "Hey ";person1$;" --you got the ";noun1$;" I need" PRINT "Maybe more than enough" PRINT "Darling, darling, darling ";verb1$;" a while with me" PRINT "Ohhh you've got so much. ..I really need so much. ..I got to have so much!!" PRINT "Many have I ";verbpt1$;" - Many times been ";verbpt2$ PRINT "Many times I ";verbpt3$;" along the open ";noun2$ PRINT "Many times I lied - Many times I listened" PRINT "Many times I wondered how much there is to know" PRINT "Many dreams come true and some have ";adj1$; verb2$ PRINT "I live for my ";nounplur1$;" and a pocket full of ";noun3$ END...
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