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Question is an example of recall student answered b

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Unformatted text preview: entation. Question: ____ is an example of recall: Student answered: b) Identifying an old friend you meet in the store even though he's gained weight Correct answer: c) Remembering the name of your fifth-grade teacher when asked Question: You see a made-up name as part of a pronunciation task and then it appears again later as part of a second, unrelated task. Which factor will LEAST influence the likelihood that you will think the name belongs to a famous person? Student answered: a) The amount of time between the pronunciation task and the second task. Correct answer: c) Whether you are trying to please the experimenter. Question: Explicit memories are revealed by _______________ such as ____________. Implicit memories are revealed by _______________ such as ____________. Student answered: a) indirect memory tests, recall; direct memory tests, priming Correct answer: b) direct memory tests, recall; indirect memory tests, priming Question: In which of the following situations are you MOST likely to decide a stimulus is familiar? Student answered: b) Processing fluency is at the level you had expected it to be at. Correct answer: c) You can recall when and where you last saw the stimulus. Question: For a procedure that relies on conceptual fluency, what matters most about the stimulus is the exact _____ of the test stimulus. Student answered: b) modality Correct answer: c) meaning Question: A study has a "2x2" design in which half of the participants read a passage in a boat and the other half read the same passage on a train, and then they are tested for recall of the passage in either the environment they learned in or the other environment. Based on previous studies, what results would you expect? Student answered: a) All people tested in the boat would have better recall than all people tested on the train. Correct answer: b) Recall performance would be best for people whose testing environment matched their learning environment. Question: Which of the following is NOT required for an attribution of...
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