Chapter six

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Unformatted text preview: Results: Total number of questions: 25 Percent correct: 16% Question: Which of the following is NOT true with regard to recall performance? Student answered: c) Whether a clue about a word's sound is more helpful for recall than a clue about its meaning depends on how the word was thought of when it was learned. Correct answer: d) Physical context is more important to recall than psychological context. Question: Which is NOT part of the evidence for a dissociation between familiarity and source memory? Student answered: b) People's patterns of brain activity are different when they are making judgments based on familiarity than when they are making judgments based on familiarity plus source memory. Correct answer: c) Familiarity is promoted by creating a link between the test item and the setting; source memory is promoted by focusing on the material to be learned. Question: Which behavior is LEAST LIKELY to be demonstrated by a Korsakoff's patient? Student answered: b) Learning the correct answer to a previously taught question, without a memory of being previously taught. Correct answer: d) Recalling that a sentence was heard earlier in the test, but feeling no sense of familiarity about the sentence. Question: The dangers of source confusion are particularly relevant to which real-world situation? Student answered: c) jury selection. Correct answer: a) eyewitness identifications. Question: Imagine you find that words that were initially presented in the context of a sentence show stronger priming in an indirect memory task than words that were presented alone. Keeping in mind what you know about process purity, which of the following can you conclude from this? Student answered: b) Explicit memory was affected by the initial exposure. Correct answer: d) At least one kind of memory was affected, but beyond that it is unclear. Question: What is the CLEAREST advantage of connecting new information to prior knowledge in several different ways? Student answered: c) It improves your implicit memory for the information....
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