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Analytical Paper2 - Stem Cell Research's Alternative...

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Stem Cell Research’s Alternative Viewpoint The debate over stem cell research is a controversial question that seems to have two declared sides and no room in the middle. Trying to create some common ground is Sean Davis in his article Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Religion and Politics . Davis uses his arguments to weigh the ethical questions that must be taken into account in this debate. The article focuses a lot of attention to the sick that could be helped if stem cell technology was governmentally funded. By focusing on that aspect, he helps to sway the opinions of the politicians that say they will not fund stem cell technology because of their religious beliefs. Davis uses all of these aspects not to change people’s religious beliefs, but to try to influence the public and politicians to make a decision while accounting for all factors that influence a situation and coincide with their religious teachings and personal beliefs. There are two ways that the majority of the country is facing this conflict of interests. There is the scientific viewpoint that emphasizes that stem cell research is a useful medical technology that should be harvested to help the sick and learn more about the body. The opposition is what Davis refers to as the “Christian Conservation” that focuses on the religious aspect of embryonic stem cell research (Davis). Davis describes the “Christian Conservatives’” decision making by saying “ rather than looking at all beliefs they run with a specific belief on an issue that they either agree or disagree with and try to have a one sided debate with it” (Davis). By saying this Davis is not choosing a group to side with, although he seems to look down upon the “Christian Conservatives” decision-making process (Davis). Davis’ statement demonstrates to whom this article is primarily directed to. Davis’ main focus is to try to convince people to take into all aspects of this debate and his
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comment about the Christian opposition tells you in the first paragraph whom the article is focused at and give you some clues as to what his opinion on the matter might be. This is all said in the introduction before he explains what the whole debate is and what he is trying to prove in his article. By doing this he already makes the reader feel that the “Christian Conservative” is wrong in this debate (Davis). He wants the reader to take his side and by making a statement like this in the first couple of sentences it guides the reader to go along with his theory because it seems wrong to not fully analyze such an important issue and that is what the reader thinks is happening with the religious believers in America. Davis goes on to say that if the politicians always place their religious beliefs ahead of scientific research and do not take into account the medicine that could be helping the sick and dying people, they could be hurting more people (Davis). Davis argues that if it is our responsibility to help the sick, as is believed
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Analytical Paper2 - Stem Cell Research's Alternative...

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