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Unformatted text preview: Name: Class: Date: ID: A w09q1b-l Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. C 1. A -6.0 uC charge is placed at the origin and a second charge is placed on the x-axis at x = 0.30 m. If the resulting force on the second charge is 5.4 N in the positive x-direction, what is the value of its charge? I? E a. 9 0 HC __ e I 3- a. b 9011C {:_ 4L 2) : LL: 5.4X0.5 C ‘9 0 “C r 2 he f: :0? shrine") d -9.0 nC ‘ e 90 nC b 2. A spherical volume of space has an electric field of intensity 100 Ni’C directed radially outward from ' its surface of radius 0.600 m. What is the net charge enclosed within this surface? a. 11C 62 b. 4.011C .—,d 5: ; C. -6.8 [1C [- 8 G :'> Q : 60118E‘J‘3I2:o"xflx0-6lxrm d. -4.0 ml: ° fl 4 . 6.011C ; n C ' e - 3. our charges are at the corners of a suare, with B and C on opposite corners. Charges A and D, on ' the other two comers while both B and C have a charge of +2.0 C. What is the charge on A so that the orce on = 1s zero? ‘ " ’- ’2 a. —1.0C /' FFffi—Lrfl b. —0.50c 6” ' .221 C”?! (5.091 " Ea: c. -o.35c -i . I d. —0.71c p'=’%°.fl40 a: 1 REL; LE: :) 4?; F l. B. «1.42C a f a: 20k {1 4. Two point charges are placed along a horizontal axis with the following values and positions: +3.0 ' ,uC at x = 0 cm and —7.0 ,uC at x = 20 cm. At what point along the x axis is the electric field zero? a. 8.0 cm 5 b. —44 cm am 4“ M : kg c. —69 cm ___,_‘_i..,____,_____-—> ; 2 Z d. —38 cm W73 4’ ( M 7‘) X 20 CM A e. 6.0cm .5) q: +3?._(0m 5. An airplane is flying through a thundercloud at a height of 2 000 m. (This is a very dangerous thing to do because of updrafts, turbulence, and the possibility of electric discharge.) If there is a charge concentration of +40 C at height 3 000 :11 within the cloud and —40 C at height 1 000 Hi, what is the magnitude of the electric field E at the aircraft? (k4 = 8.99 x 109 N-mszZ) a. 90000NKC b. ISOOOON/C age; \ c. 360000Nrc {‘9 be?“ 5‘; k d. 720000Nxc QEI akEEi e. 1440000NIC [M0 [My V ~ 21?¥/0?X 4o (3 e» 6 Q 9 (9 G It 1 [900 : Z2 0, 01>?) WC Name: ID: A . Electrons in a particle beam each have a kinetic energy of 3.2 x 10"” J. What is the magnitude of the electric field that will stop these electrons in a distance of 0.1 m? (e = 1.6 x 10*19 C) a. 200M: _. # b. 1000M: 7—: 3L ML)" : 3.2xxo ’7.) c. 2000M: A? ‘1' 4000“ —> E: —;——3‘”’" : sway e. lOOOONfC " MW“ 1 M C . The electric field at the surface of a positively charged conductor has a direction characterized by which of the following? a. tangent to the surface b. perpendicular inward toward the charge c. at a 45° angle to the surface (1. perpendicular outward and away from the charge e. zero Vector . We have a hollow metallic sphere with charge —5.0 ,uC and radium 5.0 cm. We insert a +10 M: charge at the center of the sphere through a hole in the surface. What charge now rests on the inner surface of the sphere? a. +5 ,uC b. +10 ,uC e. +15 yC d. H5 ,uC e. ~10 ,uC ...
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2009 for the course PHYS PHYS 1B taught by Professor Berman during the Winter '09 term at UCSD.

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quiz1_soln - Name Class Date ID A w09q1b-l Multiple Choice...

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