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2/6 Jacob Riis Minor v. Happersett 1874 Social Gospel Bradwell v. Happersett 1874 Five Points cult of true woman hood tenement buildings flash photography illustrated lectures sociology/social work How the Other Half Lives 1890 Tenements Law 1901 public/private spheres - Five Points gang center in central Manhattan -Living conditions were small flats that fit many people -The poorest of the poor lived in "hot bunking" were you rent out a space for 5-6 hours to sleep, then you get out and give your bed to another -photographs by Jacob Riis exposed the real conditions of those living 1880s - flash photography gave the ability to get pictures at night or dim lit areas - illustrated lectures made by Jacob Riis were multimedia shows of the poor conditions in Manhattan - Riis thought that the gov't should help the poor -Children went to school for a total of 86 days a year, and that was a privilege
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Unformatted text preview: -NY city is first to organize schools and public sanitation-Tenement Law 1901 pushed by Riis-People thought that women had neurological differences that would make them incompetent voters-Minor v. Happersett 1874 said it was ok to deny women the right to vote at any level-Bradwell v. Illinois ---Myra Bradwell passes all tests to become a lawyer, but not allowed to become one solely b/c she is a woman.-cult of true womanhood states that a woman can only be a real woman if she's a wife and a mother. If she pursues something else, it hinders capitalism-The success of a man in terms of family is measured by if his wife does not work-If you were a young women who went to college in the 1880s or 1890s, mainly rich upper class women, went to college to devote themselves to reform work, like become a nurse or other form of social work...
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