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1/23 WORDS TO KNOW Sumner impeachment Stevens carpet baggers Radical Republicans violence --mob ---ku klux klan Nullification Forrest Tenure of Office Act "lost Cause" Land Reform scalaways -40 acres and a mule Grant Nast= political cartoonist 15th Amendment -Divided the South into military zones and gave each zone its own military governer -No state could be re-admitted unless it ratified the 14th amendment -Took reconstruction out of hands of president (andrew johnson) by passing "tenure of office act"-----President can't remove/add anyone from his cabinet w/o congressional approval -Johnson didn't care -African American slaves given land to help them integrate into society(mainly fed. lands) --"40 acres and a mule" plan--lost promise made to African Americans -1868 Congress impeaches Johnson for violating tenure of office act -Johnson doesn't care, tries to get rid of his secretary of war
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Unformatted text preview: -Johnson impeached then acquitted, escaping impeachment by one vote-Then disappears from political scene-Flood of white northerners to the south in 1868 carrying carpet bags--carpet baggers-Southerners Response to the migrating whites:-Southern white mobs-Organized violence KKK-KKK founded in Tennessee in Dec. 1865-Gen. Nathan Forrest= KKK first "grand wizard"-Klan members posted at voting booths in order to intimidate political ends-VIolence is not just left to blacks, but white were lynched also-African Americans set up their own schools and tried to enfranchise their political and economic rights. This "success" alarmed the southern whites, which is why KKK so pissed-Ulysses S. Grant runs for president preaching "prosperity" -1869 Grant elected and throws his support around 15th amendment--no state can prevent ppl from voting based on race, creed-...
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