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Jessica Day Engl 202A, section 14 Research Proposal “Would you like fries with that?” In American culture, this phrase has become synonymous with working in the fast food industry. Working in fast food has likewise become equated with a lack of education, few life skills, and a poor work ethic. The field site which I wish to study is the Burger King located on University Drive in State College. Being situated in State College so close to campus, it is likely that a good portion of this site's staff is made up of Penn State students, in theory some of the most well-educated and industrious individuals that Pennsylvania has to offer. I wish to study the staff at this establishment, to try to determine what exactly goes on behind the counter that most of the public, particularly the unobservant customers, do not see on a day-to-day basis. I wish to study this subculture because I myself have worked in fast food, at a Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers. It is a job that, I believe, is undervalued and under-appreciated by the general public, and should be more fully understood regarding what actually happens during the 8- hour shift for which workers are there. Having worked in a Wendy's, I understand general
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engl research proposal - Jessica Day Engl 202A section 14...

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