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Ms. Kent TWU Spring 2008 WA 1: Analyzing an Argument For the first writing assignment of the semester you will choose one of the articles from the readings in Chapter 3 and analyze it . Your analysis should include brief sections of summary as you discuss and provide analysis for some of the author’s major points. Keep in mind that this is not a way for you to debate the points as this is not a response paper. You should hold off on providing your opinion in this paper since the major point of writing this paper is to show what you know about the elements of argument and how they’ve been applied in the article you choose. Try to focus on these elements in your analysis: What is the Argumentative Proposition that is the basis of the essay? What are the major points the author makes to support his/her points?
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Unformatted text preview: Does the author mention points made by the opposition against his/her points? o If so, what are they? How does the author argue against them? What evidence based on logic does the author make? What evidence based on emotion does the author make? Is the argument effective? Why or why not? How does the author present his/herself in the essay (what is their ethical stance)? You will be required to include a Work Cited page for this paper for practice for the major research paper. The only entry will be the article you analyze as you will only be referring to that article for points of analysis. This paper should be 2-3 pages (not including the Work Cited page) , typed in a 12 point font, and double spaced. This paper will be due Monday/Tuesday February 11/12 ....
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