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WA 3 Prompt - Ms Kent TWU Spring 2008 WA 3 Analyzing and...

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Unformatted text preview: Ms. Kent TWU Spring 2008 WA 3: Analyzing and Creating Oral and Visual Arguments For the final writing assignment of the semester you will continue to look at the issue you chose for your research paper. However, this time you will examine the issue from a visual standpoint. We will discuss both oral and visual arguments, and you are to analyze a visual argument and present either a visual or oral response to the argument. There are two parts to this assignment, and you need to complete both parts to receive full credit for the assignment. Visual Arguments Analysis For this portion of the assignment, you will look for an image that states the opposition side to your research paper. For example, if you were writing that animal cruelty should remain illegal in America and should be made illegal in other countries, you might consider using a picture of an animal being slaughtered, or even a pit-bull after a dog fight. You will use your image to write a brief analysis (2-3 pages, 12pt font,...
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