English Logs - Ms Kent TWU Spring 2008 Logs You have...

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Ms. Kent TWU Spring 2008 Logs You have noticed in the general information about the course that I want you to turn in a “log” each day of class that you have a reading assignment. So what’s a reading log? It’s an informal, thoughtful, honest reaction to and analysis of whatever has been assigned for the class to read that day. They are designed to help you prepare for major writing assignments by working with your own experiences, unpacking the reading assignments, and generating an informed response you can apply to your more formal writing assignments. One purpose is to show me you have indeed read the assignment. But just summarizing the assignment won’t make a good log. A second purpose is to show you in the act of thoughtful, analytical, and/or critical reading . (You may also sometimes “read” other topics as discussed below.) Logs tremendously valuable for a whole list of reasons: 1. Logs show me that you are doing your reading , even if you are quiet in class. 2. The best way to understand what you have read is to write about it. The log requirement means that you are not finished with your homework when you finish reading and marking a text. Next you have to respond in writing . 3. Logs also show me how well you are able to understand the reading.
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This note was uploaded on 04/14/2008 for the course ENG 1021 taught by Professor Kent during the Spring '08 term at Texas Woman's University.

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English Logs - Ms Kent TWU Spring 2008 Logs You have...

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