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Course Syllabus English 1023: Composition II Ms. Kent Texas Woman’s University Spring 2008 Contact Info: Office: CFO 128 Office Hrs: T, TH- 10:30-12:00 Email: [email protected] As 1023 students you have undoubtedly already survived your first composition course, which means you are disciplined and have had some success with reading and writing expository essays. While I assume you would be bored if you were spoon-fed material and am going to keep you busy and challenged, I also know the demands of this course can be stressful. Therefore, I plan for us to work together to help you be successful, which may mean reexamining topics you’ve previously covered or conferencing about your writing and certainly includes peer workshopping your papers. I enjoy teaching writing, so I’m looking forward to this semester. Course (Catalog) Description ENG 1023. Composition II . (ENGL 1302) Theory and practice of written and oral exposition and research in traditional and electronic environments; composing persuasive and investigative texts based on research. Prerequisite ENG 1013 or its equivalent. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours. Core composition requirement. By the end of the semester, this course will address each of the required Basic Intellectual Competencies of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will 1. develop and/or strengthen active reading strategies and critical thinking skills. Assessment: Students will participate in class discussions and invention activities to discover topics for essays. 2. use a process of invention, drafting, revising, and editing. Assessment: Students will produce unified, organized, and effective expository and argumentative essays. 3. shape discourse to fit the purpose, occasion, and audience. Assessment: Student’s essays/portfolio will contain final drafts appropriate for purpose, occasion, and audience. 4. develop major points in essays by appropriately applying modes of expression, i.e., description, exposition, narration, as part of the rhetorical event. Assessment: Student’s essays/portfolio will contain examples of and understanding of appropriate rhetorical strategies. 5. develop informed perspectives through discussion with other members of their 1
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discourse community. Assessment: Students will explore and complicate essay topics through group invention activities, class discussions, and peer workshops. 6. develop strategies for integrating ideas from external sources into their own arguments Assessment: Student’s essays will contain evidence and citations to support their arguments 7. conduct a research project using library resources (including print in various forms and electronic media) Assessment: Student will submit a researched essay integrating evidence from various print and electronic media sources. 8. practice and strengthen the use of language and its conventions appropriate to
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English Syllabus - 1 Course Syllabus English 1023:...

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