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Sanaiya P. Zack 08-25-2015 English 110 Mrs. Brennan “Cathedral” Response Sheet Title:“Cathedral” Author:Raymond Carver Narrator:Nameless narrator. Setting:Narrator and his wife’s home. Protagonist:Narrator’s wife Antagonist:Narrator Characters:Narrator, narrator’s wife, Robert, Beulah, and the officer. Symbols:The Cathedral, and the audiotapes. Polarities:Beulah-----------Robert Plot:The plot for the “Cathedral” is that the narrator and his wife are expected to have a visitor. This visitor is his wife’s friend his name is Robert. One summer, she (narrator’s wife) met Robert in Seattle before she got married with a navy officer. Therefore, on her last day of work she allowed Robert to feel her face which was written in a poem form. Robert his visiting the narrator’s wife, because Robert’s wife (Beulah) has recently died. We have the narrator’s wife who is happy to see him, but the narrator himself is not happy with the idea of him (Robert) living with them. The
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