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Barsoum 1 -1Clayton Barsoum English 1302 TAPMAP Draft February 28, 2008 Diversity: Not to be Defined Loosely Allie Watkins has not had much of her work published before because she is still a student at Highland Park High School. She works for the Dallas Morning News under a student voices volunteer program and has submitted one other work entitled “A Wake-Up Call.” In this article she publicly admits to previously having an addiction to alcohol. In the article In the article “Diversity of Debate is a Great Learning Experience” she tries to convince her audience that Highland Park High School, contrary to ordinary notion, is very diverse in people and opinions. Merriam Webster defines diversity as, “the condition of being diverse; especially : the inclusion of diverse people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization.” In Diversity of Debate is a Great Learning Experience” Watkins states, “Diverse means much more than differing skin color, differing religion, differing ethnicity or language. It means having variety, differences and dissimilarities.” I agree with Watkins argument that there are groups of students with different interests such as the Goths, geeks, and jocks; but there is not much diversity because those groups appear every school. Besides, these groups are all constricted by one factor: their environment. Merriam Webster also defines environment as, “the aggregate of social and cultural
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Barsoum_TAPMaP_FinalDraft_03-04-08 - Barsoum 1 Clayton...

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