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anthropoplogy notes - archaic homo sapiens past human...

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archaic homo sapiens past human species with modern sized brains in skulls that retained ancestral features descended from homo erectus, transition took place btwn 400000 and 200000 years ago skull size reached modern proportions neanderthals, the best known, lived in europe btwn 200000 and 35000 years ago mitochondria dna interbreeding did neanderthals have language? what effeects do the stars have on our lives? most comparisons b twn humans and neanderthals go according to their skulls occipital bone neandertghal would have faced significant problems in running very narrow skulls and very large brains skulls are really complex tayacian archais homo sapiens term used for past members of the human species made s variety of tools for special purposes made objects for symbolic purposes engaged in ceremonial activities caredd for the old and disabled prepare core by removal of small flakes over surface striking platform made by crosswise blow produces longer sharper blades in less time mousterean tradition naqmed after the neanderhtal site of le moustier france middle stone age technique for making stone tools associated with botharchaic h. sapiens and neanderthals tools were lighter and smaller than levallosian and included hand axes, flakes, scrapers, borers, woodhavers, and spears mousterian peoples buries their dead, cared for the disabled, and made objects for symbolic purposes archaic homo sapiens and modern human origins multiregional hypothesis- all populations of archaic homo sapiens are easily derivable from earlier populations of h. erectus from the same regions that humans originated in africa and then slowly developed their modern
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anthropoplogy notes - archaic homo sapiens past human...

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