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history notes - napoleonic europe (1799-1815) sigmificance...

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napoleonic europe (1799-1815) sigmificance of the french revolution \democratic ideals 1.liberty-freedom for all persons 2. equality-equal treatment for all persons 3. fraternity- brotherhood of persons working together to make a better world \spirit of nationalism Napoleon 's rise to power \napoleon bonaparte \born on corsica the son of a poor village lawyer becomes master of a good part of europe at the age of 30 character- intelligent, fast learner, great insight into human nature, good memory, workaholic, military genius, provided orderly government first public recognition (1793-1795) dec 1793- british are fighting french at toulon. napoleon uses infantry and artillery to repel the british attack and is promoted to brigadier general oct 1795-while the nationalist convention meets, royalists riot. NC calls on napoloen for help, he send in cannons into paris and shoots grapeshot at the rioters. shows that napoleon is willing to do whatever it takes to help the revolution, promoted to major general. italian campaign (1796-97)- france is fighting austria in northern italy. france sends napoleon to fight, he routs the austrians and becomes a national hero in france. the directory fears him so they send him off to egypt to fight the british (1798-99). with reports of his victories come in, he gains more popularity and puts more fear into the heart of the directory. Battle of the nile- august 1, 1798. napoleon meets nelson indirectly at this battle at Aboukir bay. nighttime was coming, which isnt smart to fight in, but nelson uses the night to his advantage because the french dont think that he is going to attack. he attaacks with ships on both sides and utterly decimates the french fleet. 1799- napoleon leaves his army in egypt to go back to the revolution. british attacks alexandria and begins the kicking out of the frech oct 1799- napoleon becomes ruler through a coup d'etat and creates a new constitution with him as the first consul 1800- napoleon wins the battle of marengo, the french votes him as consul for life 1804- napoleon declares himself napoleon the first, emperor of the new french empire plebecites napoleon calls himself an emperor , but he was pretty much a militaary dictator france at war in 1799 w/ the allies napoleon takes command of all forces in france June 14 1800- battle of marengo 1802- other powers of europe want the war to end so they can rebuild their forces. they create the concordat of rome with the powers in europe. and the treaty of amiens with GB 1803- peace ends Napoleon will not be able to have peace until he has control over all europe !803-!809- napoleon beat 1. austria and russia at austerlitz 2. prussia at gena 1807- treaty signed with prussia that carves prussia up and creates an impotent nation 3. russia at friedland 4. 1809- battle of wagram. Napoleon beats the austrians but the austrians were able to use napoleonic tactics against the french to inflict heavy casualties british isles- only people safe of being directly conquered by napoleon due to the british channel. october 21 1805- british navy beats the french navy at the battle of gibraltar. nelson dies at this
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history notes - napoleonic europe (1799-1815) sigmificance...

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