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~ History of the mind: Phrenology - Franz Gall was the first to study this. ~ Neurons -Neuron ^a nerve cell ^basic building block of nervous system -Dendrite ^bushy, branching extension of a neuron ^(the ankle or shoulder in demonstration) -Axon ^extension of a neuron, ending in branching terminal fibers ^(the person's body in the demonstration) ^(the arm would be the axon terminal in demonstration) -Myelin (my-uh-lin) ^layer of fatty cells segmentally encasing fibers of many neurons ^makes possible vastly greater transmission speed of neuron impulses ^(the shoulder in the experiment) ~Neural Communication -Action Potential ^neural impulse; brief electric charge.
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Unformatted text preview: .. ^generated by the movement of positively charged atoms. .. ^(the squeeze in the demonstration)-Threshold ^the level of stimulation required. .. ^(in the demonstration, is a person could not squeeze until they had been squeezed 3 times)-Synapse ^junction between one neuron and another ^very small gap ^(where the hand and ankle meet in the demonstration)-Neurotransmitters ^chemical messengers that traverse between the synaptic gaps between neurons ^when released by sending neuron, they travel across the synapse and bind to receptor sites on the receiving neuron and generate neural impulse ^ VOCABULARY...
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