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4. Nationalize—to convert from private to governmental ownership and control. Social class- groups that share commons positions in the control relation (eg. Owner of capital, simple labor power, marketable skills, or market power) Alternative types of nationalization. A. Universal healthcare, with single payer. health care financing with only one source of money for paying health care providers. Universal healthcare, same coverage, quality, lower cost. Wikipedia B. Nationalization of Education, including headstart program. Polarize A. Superclass, and privileged people will seek better healthcare, at a greater cost. Support candidates that fund research towards better healthcare. Private companies will provide insurance on top of universal healthcare, rich better insured than rest. More skilled doctors lured to practices that treat richer people, more money for treatment. B. Ivy League Universities, top tier universities will continue to be privately funded,
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Unformatted text preview: non participant. Will only draw students from rich backgrounds. Public universities will become poorer in quality due to lack of funding. Professors will be drawn to private u, where pay is better. Superclass will want to hold onto functionalist institutions that maintain class divides. Lobby for exclusion, preserving and extending wealth, priv Greater equality A. All will be covered; insurance will not cost houses, and livelihood of the lower class. Mortality may decrease. Greater taxation on income of upper class to fund greater distribution of wealth. Less debt, less control of rich over poor. more money, more economic power. A. Decrease infant mortality among poor, fewer people limited to jobs by education, people can afford to attend university. All universities, including private will be free. People will gain entrance solely by merit....
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