Physics Notes 9-5-07

Physics Notes 9-5-07 - Physics 101: How the "world" works I...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Physics 101: How the "world" works I Notes for Physics 101 8/29/07 Position -Position tells us where an object is in space -Graphically, first choose a reference point, or origin, and the draw a vector to the center of mass -Vectors have a magnitude and a direction and are usually denoted by r Displacement Vector -Displacement is the change of the position vector or D=r (sub f) ? r (sub i) Note: the magnitude of the displacement vector is not necessarily equal to the distance travelled. Practice Problem 2.2: A nervous squirrel, trying to cross a road, first moves 3.0 m east, then 4.0 m west, then 1.2 m west, then 6.0 m east. What is the squirrel?s total displacement? Answer: 3.8 m east Motion: Velocity! The average velocity v (sub av) is defined as: v (sub av) = r (sub f ? t sub f) ? r (sub i) divided by t sub i The instantaneous velocity is defined as v = lim (delta t -? 0) of delta r over delta t Where delta r is the displacement during a very short time interval t R(with the arrow over it) = (x,y,z,t,etc) V(with the arrow over it) = (v sub x,?. .v sub y??v sub z) Constant velocity on a graph will always be a horizontal line. Constant velocity will cause a position graph to be a diagonal line, up and right from
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Physics Notes 9-5-07 - Physics 101: How the "world" works I...

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