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The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom "The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom" by Suze Orman is a book on how to set you free from financial worries. In this book Suze explains to the readers that it is not the money situation that affects most people, it is the way they feel about money. Most financial books tell you how to spend your money and what to do with it, this book gets to the source of the problem and tells you how to fix it and then you can let the money start rolling in. It’s put into a nine step process, which makes it much easier to follow. Step one is seeing how the past holds the key to your financial future, which basically means first you have to see how your past experiences with money have been holding you back from your future. Suze gives good examples of things that could have happened in your past that could affect your future, and it makes it easier for you to pinpoint your problem. This step is more about you as a person rather than you and your money situation. Step two is also about fixing yourself and facing your fears and
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Financial_paper[1] - The Nine Steps to Financial...

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