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Chris Duenas Beitzel English 101 10 November 2007 The Television Media and American society Media as; the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely. The television media in today’s society is the most powerful tool used today. They are able to change the minds of people by showing images of “perfect” human beings that we long to be like. These people are celebrities, whether they are actors, actresses, musicians, or pro athletes. They are even the people in commercials who advertise products. All these people do is make you think about what you can change, what you don’t like about yourself, what should you do to change, and many other questions. These people when combined with the media can really make people act and think any way they want. The worst way they affect us is by placing an unachievable sense of perfection on how we look. But, that is exactly the problem because we can never reach perfection because perfection always changes. Naheed Mustafa has the perfect thought of this problem “The definition of beauty is ever-changing;waifish is good, waifish is bad, athletic is good-sorry, athletic is bad. Narrow hips? Great. Narrow hips? Too bad. (Mustafa). Also, the media has blinded people to inside of a person and made us judge someone on how they look only. With all these commercials, TV shows, and tabloid television they make you believe that if you want to make it anywhere, looks are how you do it. The best example is Paris Hilton, we all know that she is not the brightest candle on the birthday cake but people want to be her because she is beautiful. We now live in an age where intelligence plays second fiddle to physical beauty.
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Duenas2 Americans spend roughly six hours and forty-seven minutes a day watching television (Herr). Also, Americans spend nine times as many minutes watching TV or movies as they do on sports, exercise and all other leisure-time physical activities combined, according to a sobering new analysis by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley (Yang). When we watch the television all we can see is “beautiful” people on the television. To be an actor or actress you have to be skinny and attractive because that is the culture we have now. One of today’s most popular shows is America’s next top model. This show parades around overly skinny models each and every week while they are competing to win a modeling contract. And sometimes on these shows, a model that to normal standards is perfect looking but since they want to be a model, being skin and bones is still too fat. They will crash diet and do all different types of diets to lose pounds that do not need to be lost. This tells viewers that you maybe skinny already but you’re just not quite skinny enough. Then if we change the channel we may be watching a VH1 special about celebrities and their flaws. These shows to not examine unattractive celebrities but some of the most gorgeous people in our society today. During this special, they showed various
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mediaeffectssociety - Chris Duenas Beitzel English 101 10...

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