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Casey Castignetti Essay #4 Colleen Martel Black Like Me: Overcoming Racism Black Like Me , by John Howard Griffin, is a striking non-fiction novel that recounts the story of Griffins journey through the South in 1959 as a Negro. Having experienced life as both a white and a black, Griffin is appalled by what he sees and how much different life quality is for a black man than for a white man. Although life for the black man in the South in the 1960's was not always a pleasant journey as the story is full of hatred, frustration and despair, ultimately the novel depicts strength, triumph, and hope for the black race. Perhaps the most prominent display of progress in this novel in the blacks quest for equality was John Howard Griffin himself. By darkening his skin to become black, he reached a world no other human had ever gone and he touched a place in civil rights history. First, he experienced something that no man had ever before and he spoke the truth about his experience, and second, Griffin essentially became the voice of the black man, as he could honestly speak from the blacks’ perspective. This was perhaps the first time the opinion of the black man could be spoken, through the lips of a white, and not be scorned. By finally getting the true feelings out a black into the public, true understanding of their situation could be reached and true reform could be sought and achieved.
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A second comforting display in the novel was the compassion and help Griffin received from strangers throughout the novel. Sterling Williams, his gateway to the black world, had hardly known him when he accepted him as a friend into his shoeshine
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Black_Like_Me_Essay - Casey Castignetti Essay#4 Colleen...

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