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American_Dream_Essay 2 - Casey Castignetti Essay#3 Colleen...

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Casey Castignetti Essay #3 Colleen Martell The American Dream What is the American dream? This is an idea that is widely referenced and talked about in literature and film, but if you asked a handful of people you would most certainly get varying definitions. This is because there is no concrete definition of what the American dream actually is, it is based on individual hopes, dreams, and situation. Whether it is the daughter of an immigrant family working towards her dream of attending Harvard, a young actor working towards his big break on Broadway, or just a family looking for a fresh start and a new lookout on life, all are examples of people chasing the American dream. In the film "In America" the viewer gets a chance to see a family actually working to achieve their American dream. The family struggles through and overcomes many cultural and economical borders on the road to starting their new life. This family serves as a perfect example of the American dream because of their dedication to each other, and their cultural, economical, and emotional obstacles. In order achieve the "American dream" one must successfully overcome societal, economical, and/or psychological borders to attain their dreams. Accomplishing this dream is most commonly identified with the crossing of economical borders. For example, starting from a low income family in a low income neighborhood, or going from "rags to riches," is the most popularized. Paying your dues is a big part of the journey toward your dream; it takes perseverance and the utmost commitment to appreciate fully the meaning of the American dream. One must know what it is like at the
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bottom of the barrel, in order to appreciate the view from the top. This commitment must be
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American_Dream_Essay 2 - Casey Castignetti Essay#3 Colleen...

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