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Ireland Boyd Journal Assignment 1 I live in an apartment in Greenville with two other girls, so my favorite room would have to be my bedroom. My bedroom is filled with pink, green and zebra print. It expresses my personality very well. I have my desk against the wall by my door, and my dresser is between my door and my closet. On the other wall is my mirror and my bed. By my bed is a window and my bathroom. On my desk is my apple laptop and my TV. I also have a picture board with friends from high school. Above my desk is a large ballet poster and beside that is an Andy Warhol calendar. Above my dresser is a big black shelf and little pink ones beside it. On the shelves are pictures of friends and family. Above my closet door is a canvas that I painted on which reads: Good Clothes Open All Doors. I hot glued a pink boa around the canvas to add some fun to it. The wall that my bed and mirror are against holds many pictures and paintings. The first one is a cartoon drawing that says "I want to be
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