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SIO 15: Homework 1 (Lectures 1,2,3,4,5) – Fall Quarter 2007 – Due Oct. 12 1. Where on Earth do most fatalities occur due to natural disasters? Where do the greatest economic losses occur? (Use either geographic, demographic or societal attributes) (4pts) Most fatalities: Asia, third world countries Economic losses: Developed world, US 2. Provide four examples of mechanisms that heat the Earth. (4pts) Solar Heat Radioactive decay Impacts Gravity Differentiation 3. Approximately how often does a high tide and a spring tide occur? (2 pts) Please draw (in two separate drawings) the position of the sun, moon and Earth at the time of highest and lowest tides. (There is an addition to lecture 2 available for download from the website dealing with this topic.)(4pts) High tide occurs twice a day, spring tide twice once a month spring tide: Earth, Sun and Moon are aligned, Sun on same or opposite side of Earth as
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Unformatted text preview: Moon. neap tide: Earth, Sun and Moon make a right angle, with Earth being in the corner. 4. Match the appropriate impact and the occurrence frequency of events. Give an example of each of the two. (4pts) Large impact disasters Common / Rare Small impact disasters Common / Rare Large: Large earthquake, large hurricane, large asteroid impact Small: lightning strike, flash flood, etc. 5. EarthWatch/News Clips: We have heard about the large earthquake in Sumatra which caused a deadly tsunami, but this is not a single event along that fault, and activity continues today. How large was the earthquake that rocked Sumatra on September 12, 2007? Did this increase or decrease activity in three nearby volcanoes? (2pts) Magnitude 8.4 Increased activity in local volcanoes....
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