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Practice Summary - Ireland Boyd English 111 Practice...

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Ireland Boyd English 111 Practice Summary 1/31/08 Why Enforce Attendance? In Roger Sipher's "So That Nobody Has To Go To School If They Don't Want To," he believes the school system would be a better place without children that go there to socialize. Sipher suggests that the students who go to school to get an education are being held back by the other students. Not everyone is dedicated to learning and not everyone understands the benefits of getting an education. The teachers spend more time trying to discipline the "bad" students and not enough time teaching the students that are interested in learning. If the school system dropped the attendance policy they have now "and allowed only those who are committed to getting an education to attend," the education system would be a better place. Kids of school age know that even if they slack off, the teacher will still pass them on to the next grade level. This is the reason for many students not doing their work or not learning anything during class. If students have been in public schools, they have been
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