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2-19-08 - how long until 1st commercial break lead story...

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Media Management and Organization 2/19/08 quiz update - thursday at end of class will be taking a feedback next tuesday is a quiz review terms concepts thinking priorities probably post a list of the terms think is most important, and key things next thursday is the quiz assignment for thursday - watch a newscast of your choice (prefer something on tv thats 30 mins) take notes about the structure of the newscast.
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Unformatted text preview: how long until 1st commercial break, lead story, time on news, anything important happen and how they covered it. What are the key influences on a programmer/content manager?- advertisers-pay to get message out- audience-people who watch- owners-people who own it- regulators-people who control it functions of a programmer- create strategy- find programs- supervise production...
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