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3/25/08 Media Management and Organization Consumption -------------------------> Connection when you move from consumption to connection you are building customer loyalty. when something is heading in a certain direction, it is more likely to stay in that direction. it is more difficult to get it to go another way. media companies are looking for ways to enhance that connection. when they create and enhance that connection they are doing outreach. outreach used to be regarded as the extra do good stuff that a tv station did for the community. outreach is usually multi-modal (multiple modes) media wise. ie television, magazine, internet, radio, etc. with consumption there is usually only one direction from the media to the consumer, but with connection it is more like a circle in which it can relate from one media to another. there are often departments specifically for outreach. they want to use outreach to build that connection and build "grand loyalty" with the consumers, they want to make more money, to have their audience grow, support a cause and "do good", education, makes them look good. the components of an outreach campaign are the different modes they have to deliver the media. the internet, television, radio, magazines. they begin with what they normally do and then start branching out from that. scenario---- channel 6 having a mini-series about vietnam vets.
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3-25-08 - 3/25/08 Media Management and Organization...

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