debate - This idea of disarming those who can make a...

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According to statistics there is 1 police officer for every 23,000 people in this country. Now how can that 1 policeman be there to protect me. The constitution does not guarantee us protection from murder or crime. It does provide us with a means to protect ourselves with the right to bear arms. We must stop trying to take hand guns away from law abiding citizens and concentrate on taking them away from the criminals. Virginia Tech Shooting The cons of gun control after Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007. When a gunman went wild on a killing spree, over 30 people were killed. Because of legislation that didn’t let students or faculty carry permitted weapons, no one could defend themselves against the gunman. Gun control legislation serves no purpose but to guarantee that law-abiding people are put in a situation where there’s nowhere to run. Instead of cowering behind desks, they could have stood up and taken out the gunmen before he had a chance to continue.
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Unformatted text preview: This idea of disarming those who can make a positive difference is probably one of the biggest cons of gun control. Utah and Oregon are the only two states that allows faculty to carry guns on campus. you haven't read about any school or university shootings in Utah or Oregon? Why not? Because criminals don't like having their victims shoot back at them. Everything in this world is a possiblilty and with the ban on gun control as it is here at UPJ no one has the right to bear arms, not even peperspray. How safe do you think girls feel when walking back to their dorms late at night alone knowing that they have no sense of security, as in their peperspray to rid them of danger. How safe does anyone feel knowing that if someone does decide to go a little crazy and want to create a shooting at UPJ that the only people who can protect them are campus police when you know damn well facutly members allowed to have guns could easlily take out the shooter in shorter time?...
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debate - This idea of disarming those who can make a...

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