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Ethics readings - April 25 Beccaria Kant Bedau in Bonevac...

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Sheet1 Page 1 April 11 Singer and Regan in Bonevac pp 77-89 330-342. [Total: Approx. 23 pages (ignoring questions, endnotes, etc.)] April 18 Bonevac pp 385-400 (Intro, Supreme Court of NJ, Gay-Williams, Rachels). [Total: Under 15 pages (ignoring questions, endnotes, etc.)]
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Unformatted text preview: April 25 Beccaria, Kant, Bedau in Bonevac pp 415-422, 437-443 Haag in Satris pp 304-313. [Total: Approx. 21 pages (ignoring. ..)] May 2 Issue 5 in Satris pp 80-95 (ignoring. ..)] Sheet1 Page 2 Issue 18 in Satris pp van den Mappes, Callahan 58-68. [Total: 23...
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