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-1David Warden 04/04/08 Philosophy 243 Section 020 Word Count 399 “Sustainability: Business’s New Environmental Obligation” by Joseph Desjardins. “Summary” What are business’ obligations when it comes to protecting the environment and doing what is beneficial for the future? The main thesis of this essay is best described as “business does not have an obligation to protect the environment over and above what is required by law (p.533).” The law is the minimum standard that is deemed to be right and ethical, therefore as long as a business meets a standard no matter what is it, then they are doing what is required of them. There are a few ways that we both as politicians and consumers can effect the standards that businesses have to meet. The books claims we get “two opportunities to shape a businesses respect for the environment, they are to only purchase products that meet environmental standards we agree with and the other is to make the laws and standards for the businesses stricter (p.533).” Another major concern
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