Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative Disorders - a. During the fugue, there is an...

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Dissociative Disorders I) Same for All - Must not occur exclusively during other dissociative disorders or PTSD; Must cause marked distress or impairment; Must not be due to drugs or medical condition II) Dissociative Amnesia – a disorder characterized by the inability to recall personal information, which is still known at an unconscious level a. Types (first two are most common): i.Localized – inability to recall details during a specific period of time ii.Selective – can recall some, but not all information during a specific period of time 1. Most common after traumatic event (car wreck, combat) iii.Generalized – loss of entire personal history (very rare) iv.Continuous – cannot recall information past a specific time (locked in a specific point in time) III) Dissociative Fugue – a disorder characterized by amnesia in which the individual runs away from conflicts or problems by seeking a new environment
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Unformatted text preview: a. During the fugue, there is an inability to recall a time before the fugue and, after past memories are recovered, there is an inability to recall the fugue b. During the fugue, the individual tends to suffer confusion about personal identity or assumes a new one IV) Dissociative Identity Disorder – a disorder in which a person manifests at least two or more complete systems of identity a. There is an inability to recall information pertaining to when other identity’s take over b. The original identity is usually not away of other identities, but other identities are often aware and sometimes protective toward the original identity V) Dissociative Causal Factor – most common explanations involve personal histories of intense and extreme traumatic events...
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