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Eating Disorders I) Anorexia Nervosa (primary motivator is weight) – a disorder characterized by extreme thinness, fear of gaining weight and disturbed perception of the size/shape of the body a. Symptoms : i.There is a refusal to maintain a minimally normal body weight (must be less than 85% of normal body weight) 1. Typically accomplished through a restricted diet, purging or increased or excessive exercise ii.There is an intense fear of gaining weight, which isn’t alleviated by loss of weight iii.There is a disturbance of the way one perceives one’s body weight/shape or a denial of current low body weight 1. Behaviors include obsessive weighing, measuring, self- examination iv.In post-menarcheal women, there is the absence of 3 consecutive menstrual cycles b. Comorbidity – depressive disorders (usually following), OCD (obsessed with food with compulsions to control those obsessions), and/or some types of PD c. Associated with fear of eating in public, a need to control one’s environment and
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