Chapter 7 - I Chapter 7 Person-centered Therapy Basic...

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3.23.5 Chapter 7 – Person-centered Therapy I) Basic Assumptions : a. People are essentially trustworthy and they have a vast potential for understanding themselves and resolving their own problems without direct intervention b. They are capable of self-directed growth if they are involved in a specific kind of therapeutic relationship c. Proposed the client-therapist relationship as the prime determinant of the outcome of the therapeutic process II) Four Periods of the Approach : a. Nondirective Counseling : emphasized the counselor’s creation of a permissive and nondirective climate i.Based on Roger’s conviction that diagnostic concepts and procedures were inaccurate and prejudicial ii.Focused mainly on reflecting and clarifying the client’s communications with the aim of gaining insight into their feelings b. Client-centered Therapy : Focused more on the phenomenological world of the client, which is the best vantage point for understanding why people behave the way they do i.Focused more on the actualizing tendency as the basic motivation that leads to change c. Client-centered Therapy Continued : addressed the necessary and sufficient conditions of therapy and focused more on the client-therapist relationship as being the main catalyst of change d. Person-centered Approach : applied the approach to a wide variety of areas (education, groups, etc…) III) Difference Between Existentialism and Humanism a. They share a respect for the client’s subjective experience and a trust in the capacity of the client to make positive and constructive conscious choices, as well as an emphasis on concepts such as freedom,
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Chapter 7 - I Chapter 7 Person-centered Therapy Basic...

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