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4.12.5 Chapter 8 – Gestalt Therapy I) Key Concepts: a. Takes the view that individuals should be understood in the context of the here and now in how they react to their environment and themselves. i.In this way it is often the goal of therapy to bring experiences into the present, to experience them more fully through increased awareness and then to deal with any unfinished business b. View of Human Nature: i.The field on which the person acts is both internal and external ii.By becoming aware clients are more able to make informed choices about behavior 1. People have the capacity to self-regulate properly when they are fully aware of what is going on around them and in themselves c. Basic Principles: i.Holism – all nature is seen as unified and the whole is different than the sum of its parts so it must be studied as a whole, emphasizing how it all fits together ii.Field Theory – since everything is interrelated, clients must be understood in their environment iii.The Figure-formation Process – describes how individuals organize the environment in each
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