Chapter 9 - 4-29-05 I) Chapter 9 Behavior Therapy Four...

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4.29.5 Chapter 9 – Behavior Therapy I) Four Areas of Development a. Classical Conditioning – refers to what happens prior to learning that creates responses through pairing b. Operant Conditioning – involving a type of learning in which behaviors are influenced mainly by the consequences that follow them c. Social Learning Approach – behavior is influenced by stimulus events, by external reinforcement and by cognitive mediational processes (people are capable of self-directed behavior change) i.Self-efficacy – individual’s belief that they can master a situation and bring about desired change d. Cognitive Behavior Therapy – emphasizes cognitive processes that involve private events such as the client’s self-talk as mediators of behavior change II) Key Concepts a. View of Human Nature i.Looks at behavior scientifically (systematically and structured) ii.Develop procedures that give control to clients and increase their range of freedom (by overcoming debilitating choices and helping them to learn new behaviors) iii.Things it has in common with humanistic approaches: it’s action oriented, it focuses on cognitive aspects of behavior and it emphasizes responsibility for one’s behavior b. Basic Characteristics/Assumptions i.Based on the principles of the scientific method (it’s experimentally derived and the practice itself is systematic and is constantly evaluated). Behaviorists state treatment goals in concrete language and perpetually evaluate progress and constantly revised ii.It deals with the clients current problems and factors influencing them, not on historical determinants (change current behavior and environment) iii.Clients are expected to be active in the therapy. Learning is at the core of this process
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Chapter 9 - 4-29-05 I) Chapter 9 Behavior Therapy Four...

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