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Chapter 11 - I Chapter 11 Reality Therapy Introduction a...

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5.11.5 Chapter 11 – Reality Therapy I) Introduction a. The underlying problem of most clients is that they : i.Are either involved in an unsatisfying relationship ii.Or lack any kind of relationship b. Therapist guides clients into more satisfying relationships and teaches them to behave in more effective ways i.The more clients are able to connect with people, the greater chance they have to experience happiness ii.People’s problem is the way they are choosing to behave 1. Client’s choose to behave as a way of dealing with the frustration and pain caused by unsatisfying relationships II) Key Concepts a. Five Genetically Encoded Needs – survival, love and belonging, power or achievement, freedom or independence and fun i.Are the motivation of life, but vary in strength from person to person ii.Whenever we feel bad, our needs are not being met b. Quality World – holds in it the specific things we associate with pleasure and feeling good c. Choice Theory Explanation of Behavior i.Total Behavior
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