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Unformatted text preview: 5.12.5 Chapter 13 – Solution Therapy I) Key Concepts a. Completely focuses on solutions b. Has no interest in understanding problems c. Clients choose the goals they wish to accomplish n therapy d. Positive Orientation : i.Grounded in the optimistic assumption that people are healthy and competent and have the ability to construct solutions that can enhance their lives ii.The role of therapist is to help clients recognize the competencies they possess e. Looking for What is Working : i.Therapists assist clients in paying attention to the exceptions to their problems, finding out what they were doing that worked for them in the past and then applying this knowledge f. Basic Assumptions of Guiding Practice : i.If clients can reorient themselves in the direction of their strengths using solution-talk, there is a good chance therapy can be brief ii.Capability of behaving effectively may be temporarily blocked by negative cognitions iii.There are exceptions to every problem and by talking about these exceptions, clients can get control over iii....
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